President’s Message


We have weathered the storms and the Junior League of Monroe is getting busy to say the least!
Children are back to school and some normalcy has set in! All committees have been a buzz since the
governor announced Phase 3, and our weeks have been jam packed with a multitude of events! I am still
on an all-time league high from our Back to the League Bash, “Spring” Dinner, and our first general
meeting! Our year was slightly delayed; however, we’re off to a fantastic start!

JLM has so many exciting plans in store for this league year; I also want to want to a few things
our committees have accomplished so far! Our Care Closet committee plans to add four more schools
this year and TLC has raised over $5,000 for the Adopt a student program! Actives and provisionals
delivered cases of water and box fans to the Ouachita Council on Aging after Hurricane Laura. Our
Education and Training Committee has been hard at work polling membership for areas in which each
person craves self-growth. I am thrilled about our upcoming events such as our Mental Health Awareness
Workshop with our Endowment recipient, Jan Daniels as well as Ascent. This committee will also host a
book study each month on the book, The Beauty Underneath the Struggle: Creating your Own Bus Story,
by Niki Spears. The Education Task Force received numerous applications and will award the recipients
of the teacher mini grants in November! Community Service Outreach has planned volunteer
opportunities for each month! We are excited to partner with Hope Street Ministries, “Church without
Walls,” in November.

After much thought and prayer, our 2020-2021 theme, “Moving Forward Together” came to life
last February. We had no idea at the time how fitting this theme would be. The unknown obstacles JLM
has faced so far have been no match. I have truly seen women go above and beyond, be vastly creative,
and “make it work” without a complaint. Each of you bring your own unique ideas to the League table,
which is truly inspiring. I am grateful for membership entrusting me to be on the forefront of such an
unforgettable time.

Lastly, the honor to serve as the 90th President of the Junior League of Monroe is truly not lost
upon me. My goal for all members is that we each continue to grow in leadership development, be a
driving force in our community, and consistently empower each other. I am extremely honored to lead the
way as we begin “Moving Forward Together!”

Love to all,

Lauren Voorhees
President, 2020-2021