Familes Can’t Wait


Families Can’t Wait is a program of the Junior League of Monroe that is partnered with Families Helping Families, a local group comprised of families in the Northeast Louisiana community who, because of their own experiences, have become committed to reaching out to others.  The program provides a hospital-based primary prevention plan for at-risk mothers and has a positive impact on the health of infants.  To prevent child abuse, neglect and to reduce the death rate of infants in Northeast Louisiana, volunteers are trained to provide education, support, and referrals for assistance.  In addition, first-year calendars containing information regarding developmental milestones, vaccinations, breastfeeding, co-bedding, and local and national resource numbers are given to all new moms.  Car seats and pack-and-play systems are distributed to those who are in need.  Hundreds of new moms and their babies are assisted every year by trained volunteers and resource assistance.