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Kev & Cyd

JLM Member of the Month
February 2016
Meet Cydni Ellis Hanks

Cydni has been a member of the Junior League of Monroe since 2009. She has been on
Spring Market, Provisionals, Nominating & Placement, and Activities committees and
has been the chair of Provisionals, Nominating & Placement, and Activities. Cydni joined
the league in hopes of meeting new people and has been pleasantly surprised that – not
only has she met new people – she has deepened her friendships and has become closer
friends with some of the ladies she’s known for years!
Cydni says that being a part of the league and hosting meetings has helped her develop
personally and professionally. She has also seen an improvement in her leadership
skills. She urges all members to take advantage of the opportunities such as our
leadership retreats or ODI training, and to not be afraid of stepping into a leadership
role of chairing a committee!
Cydni says, “the best thing about the league to me is the involvement with our
community and our members. I love having a set time once a month for ‘me time’ and
being able to socialize with friends.”