FAQs: Becoming A Member

Frequently Asked Questions about Membership (FAQ)

Does my sponsor need to be a member of the Junior League of Monroe or can they be members of any Junior League?
Sponsors for the Junior League of Monroe will need to be a current Active or Sustainer member of the Junior League of Monroe. However, letters of recommendation can be written by members (not Provisional), in good standing, of any Junior League.

When you say that my sponsor needs to be “Active,” what does that mean?
An “Active” member is one who is currently in good standing and volunteering their time and talents within the Junior League of Monroe. A “Sustaining” member is one who has given at least five (5) years of active service in good standing. Please note, a member who is currently in their Provisional year or who is on Probation is not eligible to sponsor members.

I am new to Monroe and I don’t know anyone that is a member of the Junior League of Monroe.
The Junior League of Monroe invites potential provisionals to “Meet the League” events. This is an opportunity to meet some sponsors.

What is the age criteria for membership into the Junior League of Monroe?
In order to join the Provisional Class, you must be at least 23 years of age by April 13th of the league year in which you are completing your provisional program. The JLM League year runs from June 1 – May 31.

I was an Active member of another League and have recently moved to Monroe, do I need to restart my Provisional year in order to become a member of the Junior League of Monroe?
In most cases if you have completed your Provisional year at another Junior League, you can transfer your membership. In order to transfer your membership, you must contact your current League and ask them to transfer your membership to the Junior League of Monroe via the AJLI (Association of Junior Leagues International) e-Transfer system. If you need assistance in getting this done, you can send an email to jrleague@jlmonroe.org or call (318) 322-3236.

What is a “Provisional” year?
A member’s first year is also known as the “Provisional” year, which is designed to provide a meaningful experience to learn more about the Junior League of Monroe’s history and structure, develop your potential as a leader, gain valuable skills to equip members to be effective volunteers and connect you with both like-minded women and other organizations committed to improving the Monroe community.
The Provisional experience includes: small group meetings, training sessions, and hands-on volunteer opportunities that support our mission, and league functions including general membership meetings, fundraisers, and socials.