Mini-Grant Application



(Applications must be typed)


Check the appropriate categories:


            Monroe City Schools                          Ouachita Parish                    ____Private/Parochial

            Elementary (Pre-k-6)                         Middle School (7-8)                       High School (9-12)


School:                                                                          Day phone:  ____________

Title of Project:                                                                                                        

Grade level:                                        Subject area:  __________________

Cost of Project:                                   Source of cost estimate:                             

Project Description:                                                                                                                                           (Include what you plan to do, the number of students participating, the duration of the project, estimated start date, potential applications and any other pertinent information.  Feel free to attach any additional information or supporting documents.)
























 Equipment, Materials & Supplies: (List each item separately and include source, vendor and price.)







Describe the teaching techniques you use to challenge your students to a higher level of thinking:







Describe how you involve parents and the community in your teaching:






List your continuing education and training:




List your honors and/ or special recognition:






Applicant(s) Signature                                               Principal’s Signature



____________________________      ____________________________

Applicant(s) Email                                                     Principal’s Email






By signing this application, the applicant(s) and their principal agree that any funds received will be used for the purpose stated in this application. All recipients must complete an end of year report before they can be re-considered for the next calendar year mini-grant. End of the year reports will be due May 2, 2016.

Revised 9/2015