President’s Corner


The Junior League of Monroe is just one of the 291 Junior Leagues across 4 countries forming the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI). Together we are a part of the 117 year old organization with over 140,000 volunteers.

The Junior League is an unstoppable force, empowering women to act as agents of social change. Our League is both inclusive and impactful with an enduring mission. We are dynamic and relevant in today’s world where the League is crucial in fostering an atmosphere to develop exceptional civic and community leaders.

I am incredibly passionate about the Junior League. Since joining the League as a Provisional in 2008, I have had the honor to serve under and alongside some very impressive women that I now consider lifelong friends. It is my privilege to serve as the 88th President of this organization.

Goals for the upcoming League year include:

  • Continuing to revitalize our presence within the community with our focus of Women & Children at Risk.
  • Engaging with other nonprofit organizations where partnerships make sense and align within our three impact areas: Health Education, Financial Literacy, and Education & Job Training.
  • Remaining diligent in providing additional leadership development training for our membership as a whole.

I look forward to sharing my passion and enthusiasm for the League with you. It has already been such a rewarding experience volunteering alongside you over these past ten weeks with the Summer Backpack Feeding Program. This program was solely possible due to the Junior League of Monroe’s endowment grant contribution to the Foodbank of Northeast Louisiana.

We have an incredible year ahead, one full of leadership development opportunities and empowering guest speakers. Take advantage of what the Junior League has to offer you. I can truly thank the League for this 10 year journey of self-discovery and finding the strength and confidence in myself to take on this role. The AJLI theme this year precisely exemplifies what the League has done for me personally. Never in my life have I felt more empowered or UNSTOPPABLE.

Cydni Hanks

JLM President 2018-2019