2015-2016 President’s Message

Jenny Pankey - President 2015-2016

Jenny Pankey 2015-2016 President

It is with great honor that I accept a role where so many wonderful women have come before me with one common goal- love of the Junior League. Our previous platforms that we have served by have been the Power of One, Continuing the Legacy, Falling in love with the League and Igniting your Passion.

With these platforms, we have graciously worked together, contributing our own signature strengths which have allowed us to achieve such amazing results making the JUNIOR LEAGUE OF MONROE more successful than we could have ever imaged. It all started with women who live in a world that needs help because it is broken. There are urgent problems that need solving. We as women have a noble purpose but we can’t do it alone. We need to learn from the seasoned experts who’ve done it before us. We are part of an organization where women are trained to make their communities better. A legacy of good works that spans over 85 years. As we celebrate our 85th year as a league, I look around and see that the women here offer wisdom, leadership, grace, beauty and determination. Finding others like us that are agents of change, we advocate for the good who want to make a difference. We immerse ourselves in our community. Together developing solutions; we become leaders in our community because we solve complex problems. Our impact spreads far beyond our local community and into the world. It all started with women like you who want to help make the world a better place.

Our actions are planting trees under whose shade we’ll never sit. It may not happen fully until after we are gone, but I know that the steps we are taking now are the right ones.

Let us be inspired

Let us inspire others

Let us work together

Let us give back

Let us as women of the Junior League of Monroe Be the Difference in Ouachita Parish!

Proud to serve alongside you,

Jenny Pankey

President 2015-16