Tools and Literacy for Children (TLC)

The Tools and Literacy for Children (TLC) program was developed to address the overall needs of at-risk children and families. TLC focuses on the physical, emotional, and educational needs of a selected area elementary school with a high number of free and/or reduced lunches.

Our TLC committee will conduct several parent nights which highlight various services and also provides school supplies for all enrolled students. For the parent night events, TLC partners with other programs to promote the importance of exercise, healthy eating habits, and awareness of vital resources. TLC will also provide a free meal to attendees at several events. 
We are going to be busy ALL year long with incentives for academics, parental involvement activities and over all supporting events throughout the year! 
We are actually fulfilling the tradition of former TLC Committees by promoting Back to School Bashes/ Literacy Nights / Math Nights and other parental involvement events.